Inversion table by Invertekk


Table will accommodate a max. height of 6'5" and 270lbs.

This is the brand new and improved model that was just released onto the market in April 2003. The actual table will invert to about 160 degrees with safety strap. The strap can be removed so that it can invert to 180 degrees, but for this you should have assistance in righting the table.


This multiple-benefit machine uses the same method that many Neurologists, Doctors of Osteopathy, Physical Therapists, and Chiropractors use to reduce pressure on spinal columns, reduce disc problems, and increase blood circulation. Not only can it significantly help alleviate pain and stress, but it gives natural traction to the spine, which reduces intervertebral disc bulges, and helps the disc go back to its natural state after many years of slouching, bad posture, and poor body mechanics. This relieves stress on the intervertebral nerves that innervate surrounding musculature which will help resolve agitated and sore spinal muscles. It also helps you stretch and rejuvenate muscles, rounding out your exercise routine.




In short... It feels good and is the same traction that you will pay hundreds of dollars for in a clinic to fix back problems.


MSRP: $349.99.99

Only: $149.99